I’ve always loved the beauty of nature and  it’s unique details. In the mid 1970s I used an instant 110 Film camera & remember being excited to have the film developed and the pictures delivered. 


I met my good friend Victor Post Photography in the 80s and his passion and work inspired my own hobby(and my daughters). I shot with my first 35mm SLR camera at that time, a Mamiya Sekor 500 TL. 


I’ve enjoyed learning how the lighting works and how it affects the settings - how to change the shot or my position to compose it in the most appealing way. Many years of experience and practice have taught me how to change with the settings and times.  In 2002, I bought my first digital camera - a Kodak DC120! 


After that I updated to a DSLR Canon T3I where I really dug into learning more about digital photography, technique, and editing processes. 


As the years progressed my love of capturing people and things grew, along with my inventory of camera equipment and galleries. 


We like to joke after seeing my data files up past the 1,000 mark that I only took three pictures that day, but I know that the memories are captured and it’s exciting to see it all develop.